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Submission Guidance

The deadline for submissions is Friday 29th March 2024.

Paper Submissions

Histfest 2024

Papers are to be around twenty minutes in duration, with three papers presented within a curated panel. There will then be time allotted for the audience to ask questions after all three papers have been given, so it is important that you adhere to the suggested timings.


Abstracts should be between 150 and 250 words, and may be on any subject so long as it links in some way to our theme, and has a historical focus. I.e. we welcome papers from across the social sciences, but papers in subjects such as politics, religious studies, etc., must be concerned with history (however recent) rather than current affairs. Please complete our Submission Form and email to


Please see our archive if you wish to get an idea of past papers.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 29th March 2024.

Panel Submissions

Histfest 2024

You may choose to submit a panel, if you and two other delegates have papers that will work well in conjunction. This does not necessarily mean they have to belong to the same discipline or time period - although these are welcome - papers may be linked by thematic similarities, for example.


If possible, please submit all three abstracts together (within the same email). If this is not possible, please indicate that you wish to submit as part of a panel within your email, preferably with the names of your prospective co-presenters. If appropriate, you may wish to write a line or two as to why you believe these papers work well together and would make an engaging panel. Equally, please let us know whether you would be happy to present your paper in another panel, as it may not always be possible to accommodate all panel submissions due to time and room limitations.

  • Migration and Diasporas

  • Communication and Transport

  • Networks and Connections

  • Religion and Belief

  • Historical Silences

  • Institutions and Organisations

  • Oral Histories

  • Archaeology

  • Cultural and National Identities

  • Material Culture

  • Gender and Queer Histories

  • States and State Development

  • Developing Techniques and Methods

  • Ideology and Class Conflict

  • Revolution and Evolution

  • Subaltern Histories and Decolonisation

Suggested Paper Themes
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